10 tips for the insurance of your professional vehicle

If your professional activity requires the regular use of your vehicle (commercial, nursing …), your car insurance must adapt to your needs.Here are 10 valuable tips to make sure.

1 – Define your driving profile
For your guarantees, your insurer will be based primarily on your driving profile, including your years of experience, your place of residence, your age.He will also be interested in how you use your vehicle (consumption, kilometers traveled …) to offer insurance that meets your needs and your budget.

2 – Buy a car adapted to your needs
Depending on your driving profile, the number of kilometers you travel, the equipment you are carrying and the type of road you use every day (city, highway, countryside …), your guarantees will not be the same. Before buying your professional vehicle, take into account all these criteria.

3 – Think about the civil liability guarantee but not that
This covers you in case of bodily injury or material damage caused to third parties and will thus make it possible to compensate the victims by avoiding litigation. If it is first on your list, the other guarantees are also of paramount importance in your business.

4 – Do not skimp on optional insurance
To ensure that your insurance offer is the most suitable for your business, consult all optional insurance and choose the appropriate guarantees. If some of your employees are also driving your vehicle, for example, opt for the driver’s warranty. If you are carrying valuable equipment, you prefer to protect your equipment in all places.

5 – Make your choice according to the number of vehicles to be insured
You can be a self-entrepreneur and own only one vehicle, or be a small business and have at least 3. Depending on the case, contracts vary. Indeed, the first will be similar to an offer of personal auto insurance, while the second concerns the car fleets.

6 – Check the services of the assistance
To not find yourself in the pan, in case of breakdown, accident or other, always check the assistance of your car insurance. The best is a breakdown assistance 0 km that allows you to be repaired quickly, no matter the place and offers a replacement vehicle.

7 – Read your contract carefully before signing it
To avoid unpleasant surprises, take the time to read your contract in detail. In general, it consists of two parts: general conditions and special conditions.Check that nothing is missing and, if so, do not hesitate to mention it to your insurer.

8 – Check that the activity related to the insured vehicle is mentioned
This allows you to avoid misrepresentation, find yourself with a null contract and without any compensation in case, for example, of accident.

9 – Declare any change
Removal, change of vehicle, withdrawal of license, new driver, infractions, accidents, change of employment status … It is imperative for the proper functioning of your insurance that you notify any changes to your insurer.

10 – Compare the offers
In the professional as personal, the subscription to a car insurance is obligatory. To find the one that really suits you, compare the different offers.There is no point in rushing.