Digital insurance: the 5 advantages for entrepreneurs

Are the bureaucracy tough and you still do not understand anything about your professional insurance contracts? Do not panic ! Have you thought about opting for digital insurance?

The definition of digital insurance
With the advent of new technologies and digital transformation, everyday services are constantly evolving to make life easier for entrepreneurs. In this approach, digital insurance aims to provide:

  • a better understanding of new expectations and new customer needs;
  • facilitated interactions between the client and the insurer;
  • in-depth analysis of the data to offer the best guarantees at the best price;
  • a simplified, personalized, secure and non-binding subscription.

Insurance is evolving, for both companies and brokers.

The 5 advantages + Simple

4 – The without commitment
We know that you already have enough constraints in your entrepreneurial life and that your needs are changing rapidly. That’s why all luv03 contracts have no commitment of duration and no cancellation period.

5 – The accompaniment
At luv03 we check with you all the guarantees you can benefit from. Thus, we accompany you in all the stages of the management of your disasters, including in the dialogues with the various interlocutors. Moreover, thanks to our various communication platforms

1 – Customization
Thanks to the algorithm of its robot-broker, companies build tailor-made proposals according to your activity, the size of your company and your real needs. No more generic offers, so you have the guarantees that suit you, at the appropriate rates.

2 – Saving time
When you register, questions are limited to a minimum (less than 10 clicks) and the contracts are grouped into one, depending on your job. So do not waste your time and energy answering more than 200 questions or signing 5 to 10 contracts. As a bonus: thanks to the electronic signature, access all your documents and certificates in no time.

3 – The price / quality ratio
After conducting a comparative study, our rates are negotiated with the companies and we make sure that they remain competitive over time. In addition, premiums are adjusted to the needs and avoid duplicate guarantees.