It’s back to school or holidays and you decided to find a job to earn some money? Good initiative, but have you thought to make sure?

You will be able to choose between various statuses. That of auto-entrepreneur has the merit of allowing you to work on the multiple platforms of “jobbers” that exist on the market.
However, you must be careful to ensure this activity. Since you are not familiar with the risks involved in practicing an activity, you need to be extra careful when taking a job and be aware of the potential risks involved.

Is it important to have a student job declared? YES !
This is important because it allows you to be in compliance with the law and to be able to contribute for your retirement. Every month counts!

In addition, if you have a problem while doing undeclared work, the insurance does not work. You will have to assume all the consequences …

Is it important to make sure? YES !
You can have two types of damage: material damage and bodily injury.

  • You break a material that does not belong to you as part of your mission. It’s annoying but without much consequence.
  • You had to do a mission that you miss and the financial consequences are important. Your employer may turn against you and ask for compensation. This is called intangible damage. It’s more annoying because it takes time to evaluate and demonstrate.
  • You are a runner and spill someone who breaks a leg or you are babysitter and the baby slips your arms, falls and has a trauma that cripples him for life … It is for life that you will have to assume the consequences of this moment of inattention. It almost never happens, but when it falls on you, it can ruin your life literally and figuratively.

So taking professional civil liability, even for odd jobs, is giving yourself a useful protection in case of problems. Everyone wants your insurance to be there “just in case,” and it will never be used.
For your health, you certainly depend on student plans or benefit from the mutual insurance of your parents. If this is not the case, you can also take, as a self-entrepreneur, a complementary health that will allow you to reduce your health costs.