15 tips to cook like a chef

No one is born an expert in any field, especially in cooking. The following list is not only intended as a guide for beginners, but also to advise even the most seasoned cooks to save time in their daily work.

  1. Make sure that the chilli pepper no longer stings

Remove the seeds from the pepper and rinse it with cold water. It will stop stinging, but will retain its flavour.

  1. Chop the onions properly

After removing the skin, cut the onion in half and then in half again to obtain four pieces. Then make horizontal incisions from the bud to the root.

Then make a few incisions vertically, one next to the other. The tip of the knife should face the root.

Finally, slice the onion as you usually do. Start with the bud of the onion. You should get perfect cubes.

  1. Crispy potatoes without oil

Do you feel like crispy potatoes without soaking them in a puddle of oil? Just sprinkle them with flour before baking and you’re done.

  1. Light whipped cream

Instead of using the amounts listed in the recipe, simply mix whipped cream with beaten egg whites (1:4 ratio). Prepare the ingredients separately and mix them together at the end. The egg whites make the cream lighter and less caloric.

  1. The beaten egg white test

Here’s another trick with beaten egg whites. If you want to know if they have been beaten properly, move the bowl gently. If nothing moves, turn the bowl over. If the consistency is good, nothing should fall to the ground.

  1. The rule for cooking vegetables

You can never be 100% sure: should you put the vegetables in hot or cold water when you cook them? There is, however, a simple rule: if the vegetable grows underground, put it in cold water. Conversely, if the vegetable does not grow in the ground, bring the water to a boil before putting the vegetable in it. For example, potatoes should be placed in cold water when you cook them.

  1. Do not boil the turnip or the roots.

Stop boiling your carrots, turnips and beets. Vitamins keep better when steamed or pan-fried.

Tip: If you are cooking vegetables in the oven, do not peel them. Instead, cut them into pieces, coat them with oil and cook them on a baking tray on the lowest level of the oven.

  1. Preparing an avocado

After cutting the avocado in half lengthwise, gently remove the stone. Then remove half of the avocado flesh with a spoon and use it as desired.

  1. How to make a good dressing

For a good “standard” vinaigrette with vinegar and oil, start by pouring the dry condiments into a salad bowl and then pour the vinegar on top. Only then pour in the oil to completely dissolve the salt.

  1.  Put the correct amount of water for the pasta.

A lot of pasta is cooked around the world, yet few people know this rule: 1 litre of water for 100 g of pasta. This may sound like a lot, but pasta needs enough space to cook well and not get stuck.

  1. Prepare a good mashed potato.

Add a little milk and a teaspoon of baking powder to your potatoes and mix the ingredients for two to three minutes. And voilà, your mashed potatoes are ready and delicious!

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