Self-storage, the new way to store?

A revolutionary storage solution, self-storage consists of renting a box of variable size for a variable period of time. This alternative allows you to store your belongings securely and to access them at any time on a self-service basis. What is it all about? What is it for? Who is it for? Explanations…

Self-storage: what is it about?

Self-storage remains a practical and very simple way to access a space in order to store objects and furniture. It is intended for both individuals and companies. Self-storage is also called self-service storage because the company or individual takes care of everything that has to be stored: from packing to storage in the box and transport.

Thus, before finding a storage facility in Paris or in another city, the tenant must make a precise inventory of his belongings to be stored in his box before renting. For insurance and security reasons, a declaration of the value of the goods is also essential.

By going through the inventory, you will be better able to determine the size and surface area of the storage box you will need.

Why use a self-storage box?

It should be noted that self-storage boxes are suitable for both professionals and private individuals. Generally, private individuals choose this alternative for a move. It is then a temporary use to store furniture and goods, between the move to the new home and the move. Choosing self-storage is therefore a strategic alternative.

Moreover, self-storage is also intended for tenants and landlords who wish to benefit from more storage space for business purposes. This way, the rental period of the self-storage box is longer.

For professionals such as companies and craftsmen, self-storage is a practical and easily accessible alternative. It allows the storage of professional equipment, company archives, samples, stocks of goods, POS displays, etc.

Professionals also use self-storage to store files, computer equipment, business furniture, miscellaneous equipment, or even administrative files, etc.

Self-storage, how does it work?

Using a self-storage box gives you a room in a very secure warehouse. It is notably a room to which you will be the only one to have the keys. Also, it should be noted that self-storage warehouses are permanently supervised by guards or security agents. They are also equipped with surveillance cameras to ensure the security of your belongings.

Thus, as soon as you have signed the rental contract for your self-storage box, you will be the only one to have access to the box. All you have to do is store your belongings there. This means that you have access to your box 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. You can remove your belongings from the box or add to it at no extra cost.

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